After school and Holiday Club – “Clwb Ffrindiau Ffalabalam”


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Ffalabalam’s after school and holiday club – “Clwb Ffrindiau Ffalabalam” is situated on the second floor of the building in a unit that has been adapted fully to respond to the needs of school age children from 3 to 11 years old.

Within the unit there are specific areas for rest and relaxation, playing games, art and craft activities, role play, construction toys as well as a specific area for computer, interactive games on the Wii and Ipad.


In the after school and holiday Club we provide a safe, homely and comfortable environment for the children. During the sessions the children can relax and socialise with their friends, enjoy outdoor games and activities, take part in the fun filled activities organised by the staff and enjoy our healthy and varied snacks.

In the holiday club the Managers and staff plan a varied and busy programme of activities, excursions and trips to entertain the children. With all outdoor activities,excursions and trips there are strict safety measures in place and detailed risk assessments verified and monitored by an independent Health and Safety specialist.


Our team

In keeping with the company’s staffing procedures, within the Club we employ a team of qualified and experienced staff. Staff are appointed according to their professional experience, qualifications and their commitment to providing care of the highest quality for the children. Within the after school and holiday club we have a Senior and Deputy Key Worker who are responsible for the safety of the children who attend the club, the planning and supervision of fun filled and suitable activities, organising excursions and ensuring that the company’s policies and safety procedures are adhered to at all times.

Snack and meal times

As part of Gwynedd’s Healthy preschool initiative, homemade nutritious meals and snacks are central to the care provided at Ffalabalam. This is also true of the meals and snacks provided at Clwb Ffrindiau Ffalabalam.

Our experienced cook, Miss Amy  Jones, prepares all the meals for the Clwb including a selection of healthy snacks for the after school club and all the meals for the Holiday Club including a healthy breakfast, lunch and pudding ,tea of various sandwiches , fruit, dips , fresh smoothies, homemade cakes and biscuits. For days out and trips, we also provide a picnic for each child which is included in the daily fee.

In the after school and holiday club we provide meals and snacks that respond fully to the children’s dietary needs including Halal, gluten, dairy and soya free and vegetarian.

Opening times

The after school club is available between 2.50p.m – 6.00p.m. Ffalabalam staff collect pupils from Ysgol y Garnedd at 2.50p.m, 3.30p.m and at the end of after school activities.

Pupils from other schools in the area are welcome to attend the after school club, but personal transport from school to Ffalabalam would have to be organised.


The holiday club

The holiday club is open from 7.30a.m – 6.00pm every day during school holidays apart from bank holidays.

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